How can I take part?

There are lots of ways that you can take part as an individual, family or community. Here are just a few examples to get the ideas flowing…

Invite your child’s school teacher

Invite a neighbour/ local councillor/ post man etc

Breaking the fast with dates and water restores vital sugars and hydrates the body

Send a printed invitation to them in the post

Share a photo online of your home Iftar using the hashtag #ourhomeiftar

Share your favourite meals on a budget

Did you know that (scientifically) fasting once a year for a month de-toxifies the human body?

Reach out to a local business to get them involved

Decorate your iftar table and hang up moons, stars and lanterns

Where in the world would you like to break your fast? Why not host a themed Iftar based on that place


What if my cooking is rubbish?

Do not worry! You do not need to prepare a five star meal! The purpose of OHI is to share the experience of breaking the fast. Simply invite your guest into your home and share the normal, every day meal that you break your fast with.

Would it be awkward to pray while my guest waits?

Give your guest a brief description of what to expect when you invite them for Iftar. Explain that you will eat together at the time of the evening prayer and then you will perform an evening prayer for a few minutes which they are welcome to watch. This will prevent any awkwardness. 

What if my house smells like curry?

No problem! this is all part of the cultural experience! However, in many cultures guests are welcomed by the host burning a fragrance such as oudh or incense sticks, so maybe prepare your home in advance in order to welcome your guest with pleasant smells! 

For the guest: What if the food is too spicy? What if I am a vegetarian? Would I need to believe in God or pray? Would I have to sit on the floor if my knees are weak?

Do not worry! You do not need to believe in God or pray in order to be a part of OHI.

Please discuss all your needs with your host as soon as you receive an invite and they will accomodate your needs including the level of spice you can handle! Iftar is not necessarily eaten on the floor, most families are seated at a table with chairs. The main purpose of OHI is to spread the joy of breaking the fast!


Share my Iftar

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