How can I take part?

There are lots of ways that you can take part as an individual, family or community. Here are just a few examples to get the ideas flowing…

Online Iftar with work

Buy the same ingredients and cook online with
a friend or neighbour

Printable Ramadan decoration for kids and share with friends or teachers

Send an Eid gift to a local hospital

Share a photo online of your home Iftar using the hashtag #ourhomeiftar

Share your favourite meals on a budget

PHost an online
cooking class

Reach out to a local business to get them involved

‘Build your own mosque’ (like a gingerbread house at Christmas) and get people to make it on Zoom

Where in the world would you like to break your fast? Why not host a themed Iftar based on that place


I'm not a Muslim, can I still take part?

Yes! You are very welcome and thank you for being here and wanting to be part of this special month. Please have a look at some of our suggested ideas and see if you like anything there. Maybe you would like to cook or give a gift to a Muslim work colleague or a family in your area. Honestly, those kinds of gestures are always well received!

Can I invite someone to my home to share our family Iftar?

It’s a lovely idea but at the moment we all have to keep safe and protect each other by not spreading Covid 19. It looks likely that for this Ramadan we need to be creative and do things remotely, at a distance, online. But that will be fun too! Next year we can invite people to our homes again.

Isn't Ramadan just about not eating?

No! It is so much more than that. It is about caring for others who have less than us. It is about appreciating that what we have is from God and we should be grateful. It is about reaching out, showing hospitality and friendship. It is about forgiving those who may have harmed us. It is about giving in charity and service to others.

How can I find out more about Ramadan?

The BBC have a good series called ‘Bitesize’. Aimed mainly at children and young people in schools, it explains things well.

And for more information about Islam generally we would recommend this website, some excellent, well written articles on a variety of topics.

Share my Iftar

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